Second Opinion

Using the second opinion service, you can send us MRIs, CTs, Angiographies, .pdf files, medical documents so that we can give you a neurosurgical opinion, without being able to replace a specialist consultation. Responses will be emailed as soon as possible (usually in less than 24 hours but not more than 48 hours). Second opinion – Neurohope is a free service.

To submit medical documents, you need to follow the steps below:

Second Opinion

Archive all contents of the CD / DVD with MRI scanning and / or CT and / or Digital Angiography and / or other medical records in a .zip or .rar archive

Second Opinion

Use the service to upload and send the archives to one of the addresses below:

– if you want an opinion from Dr. Dorin Bică

Assistant Maria Ionescu – 0729737067 – Call for assistance sending the file!

– if you want an opinion from Dr. Ionuț Gobej

Assistant Cristi Nastasoiu – 0723823734 – Call for assistance sending the file!

Click on the image below to access, but not before reading the instructions below

Choose the “Take me free” option and then fill in the form fields as follows:

– add the .zip or .rar file to the investigations and / or medical documents

– enter the e-mail of the doctor from whom you want an answer,

– enter your e-mail to which you will receive the answer

– add a message with a description of the medical issue you have

– Press the “Transfer” button and wait for it to finish.

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