Multidisciplinary care

The multidisciplinary approach is an integrated approach of the patient. A complex medical team evaluates the treatment options and creates an optimal plan for the patient. The team discusses in board meetings the specific treatment options of the patient considering the up-to-date medical data and the patient’s wishes. The multidisciplinary team gives the patient the whole range of available treatment at a specific moment, according to the medical standards, consequently the patient is offered the best available treatment based on up-to-date medical information.

The implications of a multidisciplinary approach are enormous, being proved that it decreases morbidity and mortality and increases the quality of life of the patient.


Medicine becomes more and more complex and specialties become more and more extensive, so that there is a new overspecialization in each specialty, and a single physician can not cover all the pathology. Board meetings are essential because patients have not only a disease but often have multiple and complex associated pathologies and also because the same pathology needs treatment from different specialists. A patient with a malignant tumor needs surgery, chimiotherapy and radiotherapy. The board meeting of these specialists is crucial for a good treatment plan.