Endoscopic pituitary surgery

The gold standard in pituitary surgery is transsphenoidal endoscopic approach. The NeuroHope team is trained in one of the largest pituitary surgery centers in Europe, the Foch Hospital – Paris, the center where the endoscope for pituitary surgery was introduced for the first time by the French neurosurgeon Guiot. In addition to tumors of pituitary origin, many other neurosurgical pathologies can be addressed through trans-nasal endoscopic techniques.

Pituitary adenomas

Pituitary adenomas – are benign tumors that develop in the pituitary endocrine gland, a structure located at the base of the brain that secretes key hormones of the endocrine system. A part of the adenomas produce endocrine diseases through an exaggerated secretion of a certain type of hormone: Cushing disease, acromegaly etc. Other part of the adenomas are non-secreting, but, the large ones can compress the optic nerves affecting vision.